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When I Held The Blue Jewel Of My Heart

by Magical Beasts

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Angel 04:14
Angel would fly on his own wings Angel resides, ohh above me Angel’s design, to render my teaching Angel as guide, if I can learn listening but, ohh, Angel is tied That’s Angel’s bind, my life with a string Some spirits will try to pull him away from me Genies may be sly, the lure of seduction runs deep They speak and they pry, while I am in my dreams but, ohh, Who am I Who am I, if I don’t reflect on me Angel as guide, the perfect soliloquy There’s a heart deep inside, where I learn to love me With a mirror, darkness, and light, I reflect on me But angel is tied, to my life with a string and angel would fly on his own wings ohh, will he rise ohh, we will rise
Bowery 03:33
The worst violence from my hands was the act with the rock that smashed the living being breathless, 3 times lifted and brought down until breathless so I know your violence, though I don’t condone this the child’s fearful act to impress upon his peers the sycophant promise, supplicant beneath his perceived superior the bully who is the mirror, not destiny but looking back, a clean hand to orchestrate the act the breathless blood to flow, who stood on the concepts of power only he could bestow and so, 3 times lifted, 3 times terror, and 3 times thrown that boy that bully will masquerade until deaths dying day and in their years won’t change, won’t turn to face the masked fear that seeks to blind, seeks to estrange and yes, maybe their souls will be weighed, and maybe they will pay for the path they have paved but that matter won’t change this now and won’t change this day now, if we could only see the stones, but they are hidden in words they throw they build a concept, make it known, let those beneath walk blind and walk deep into catacombs while you curry favor born in some child’s notion of power and in your vanities conceit you would leave them flowers at the base of the tomb you made, whose headstone you engraved “here we honor, lies a martyr” - our artifice “a necessary sacrifice to serve a higher power, a mighty tower” while you reside high up inside your bower the children are all leaving now, and you are alone with the bully there’s no one to impress, his favor, his confidences seem to matter less and also you notice, his essence seems to diminish, no longer fed by his concepts of success the fearful masquerade, the breathlessness, but you dropped the rock can you accept the mess that you made, the martyr, the tower, the power to stand on rubble and stone inside of your bower the children long gone, they wrote their own stories, their gardens have grown, their towers true glories in the seeds they have sown, go to them now, they endure and they save stories of balance and harmony made, of love and growth because they were not afraid to turn from the bully and his power masquerade this is your choice now, this is your story, know yourself, know your glory not sycophant, not empty puppet, wielded through the breathless hand sentry and shield of the bully whose power resides in fears slavery and as luck would have it, there are no chains, there is no fight, your hands are free to dig and build a new bowery, and we are of the light, and we will all walk away, cause we’re no slaves, we push and we push the sky away
Desert 06:22
Ohh My Heart, What Have you Hidden Away? All your secrets I will reclaim.
The King and The Queen both had a position, with subjects of value though neither would listen. Where once they were vast and lived with the seasons, they came to stand still in their disagreements. The king sent out warriors with righteous intentions, but the queen doused them in oil and bombed them in trenches. When a diplomat was sent forth her archers impaled him, but deep in the night a spy got through to her walls and was able to scale them. With certain advantage the king waited for word, but months had gone by and still nothing was heard. He noticed his halls and how they felt drafty, with the presence of cold and the absence of laughing. And his quarrel seemed far for he remembered a time and a reason, in step with the tides, to change with the seasons. It was time to take leave, his mind had been made, he dressed as a beggar and appointed the chamberlain. Then stepped away from his throne into the world he’d abandoned where he met with the people to till and cultivate their lands. He ate at their hearths and heard of their stories, and met with their maiden’s in pleasure exploring. He lived as a beggar, he lived as a king, and in the course of his travels there was opening to simple truth that was not a position, to help and to love, to learn to listen. After years of such travel he came to a castle, the beggar gained access now subject and vassal. Though vassal to whom was yet to be seen, for the spy he had planted recognized his king. And thought this a ruse, an elaborate scheme, and with his espionage ladders placed the king near to the queen. With whispers passed weapons, a method to kill her, but the king knelt down before her and she gave him a silver. Then she told him of her kingdom it’s splendor and pillars, he told her his story of earth and of tillers. Then in her eye he saw glimmer that same spark of remembering that he’d had years ago before his own ramblings. Took leave of his queen to return to his home, his chamber of ice, his prison of stone. But he was no longer burdened by the weight of his throne. His position forgotten, once king, once beggar, now traveller unknown. A decree he decried to tear down the walls, to free what’s inside and raise all the halls then with crumbling and pyers brought ruin to old pillars, and upon their ashes he laid the queens silver Then set forth again a traveller in fashion through seasons and stars with no fear of fates rations and when again he returned to his once trenched and former leasing he was heartened to find the last castle gone missing and in the ruin, amid broken down and crumbling pillars; a promise in coin, for there lay the queens silver. Once king, once beggar who travelled the world, took up the silver to go find the girl. Once queen, now gone, onward the vassal and onward the pawn.
Seven Winds 04:12
Seven stars the points of a crown, my halo seven winds in all their directions to blow north, south, east, west and up above, ohh and down, down below when I fell it wasn’t gentle or slow winds will gather, they will form tornado on my knees in a basement and when I come up there is steel through the heart of a tree that I know towns skeletal remains and my friends are all gone directed into the winds with their wings they have flown to hold center, their command or a choice of my own an illusion or a labyrinth I can’t know do I stay, clean up this mess, build and grow abide the choice or command of the center to hold seven winds call out and I laugh ‘cause I don’t know in my ruin, which direction to go who gave me this halo, who gave me this crown put seeds in my hands, cemented my feet, and threw me in the river to drown was never a farmer, I had just come around a wanderer, a jester, a bard and a clown if I make wings do I break the damn or block the flow on the wind there is no center, no crown, no halo but I’ll be damned if I stay here cemented to this throne take a breath, feel the wind, cold and stone on my knees in a basement and when I come up there is steel through the heart of a tree I had grown
Hurricane 04:28
Thanksgiving day and I feel alone without you You’re still far away, tell my friends all about you There’s no hurricane, but my heart to salvage Walk in the wind and I feel you in my heart From within, and I’m loving you now One with the wind, it says I’ll marry you That place from within, is where I bury you There’s no hurricane, but my heart to salvage
Devil 07:17
Closed inside this winters night for a time, trapped in ice The dark eyed witch put to sleep my lady woken with a prince’s kiss I’ll give you mine, and taste your naked skin In the light that has me dazzled ohh, this morning The lover’s lie naked in the light of the new dawn The winter’s knight won’t put his armor on He takes his lady, her lips are warm as the princess, she wakes, from sleep now gone And the coldest witch watches with her dark eyes there with the armor I left as the winter’s knight
Mother 06:22
Mother Give you all my love, pour it out. From deep inside my heart to give to you. Surrounded, surrounded, in our light, golden. Can you feel it now? Take my gratitude, for all that you have given, the love that I have felt. Can you feel it now? Take our gratitude, for all that you have given, the love that we have felt. Surrounded, surrounded, with our light, golden.


released September 15, 2015


all rights reserved



Magical Beasts Chicago, Illinois

Chicago based.
Experimental Folk.

Making the music you didn't know you wanted to hear, but then you are like, "Damn, that's a good sound."

After you have listened a few times.

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