Yes, My Love, I am Reaching

by Magical Beasts

Come Find Me 04:44
Come to me Come to me love Walk with me Walk with me love So by me So by my side And if you care to turn I swear I’ll shine And when lost of way There will be a light So find me So guide me love So try me And guide my love Again and again Deeper in you Again and again Come into you Then she loves me I love her too She then loves me I love her too Come find me… I search for you
7 Nights 03:56
You'll be coming to me for 7 nights and 6 days I'll drink your love, but I'll first fill your cup For now, for us, this is enough. I've saved your letters in a box, but it's your kisses that have been notched deep inside my heart This is our love, this is our love This, our love, it is enough. You came to me for 7 nights and 6 days You filled my cup, you drank my love Though it was winter it was warm enough.
Darling 04:31
Darling, come and walk beside me Your hand in mine, watch the world you see Darling, bring your horses to me Teach me to ride in the sun by the sea In grace with this garden where we bloomed into being. You can take your time, we can wait for spring I don't mind if it's slow in opening Darling, when you lay beside me, and I feel your skin in the space between With movement so graceful, I take in a fragrance that's sweet. Now we ride, you can say we are free Feel the wind, and the ground beneath When endless horizons inspire, what vision do you see? Without power to choose there's no destiny We open into love, and it blooms with ease.
In Praise 07:05
I couldn’t have dreamed you up, but you came into my heart And I loved you then, from the very first start With a heart so soft, simple and contained Woman to love. To be a man, this is my aim With a start that’s so full of trepidation, and though I try for caution, I’m helplessly drawn towards you And the trembling that arises when I feel you first in my arms, then onto that ledge where just beyond lies something new Into that great unknown, into even greater depths a chord is struck and it rings Through me and unto you, to me and unto you, the harmonies They ask me, “how can I wait so long?” How. Can I wait. So long. With so many tiny steps, so many wandered ways that brought me to this place So many stumbled steps, so many fumbled ways that brought us face to face How could I ever doubt now the efforts that we’ve made Into your love, I come, into your love, and it radiates With a heart that’s pierced and a breath that moves with the tide To love the one who loves the one to one, the love that’s mine In praise It prays In praise
Little Buds 02:46
Springtime sun Shine down on me With the air so sweet And flowers are blooming Can’t hold this feeling Gonna take you on home with me Birdsongs ringing Up in the trees With little buds rising The branches are shanking With love songs and singing Gonna take you on home with me My heart calls out With love so sweet To smell this flower Get down on your knees I can feel it comin Gonna take you on home with me
Alone we will row Cold wind it can blow Hold on to a love so close To welcome the touch like waves upon To feel as such like waves upon To kneel as much like waves upon the shore Ohh, the farthest shore Ohh, how I reach for more Ohh, in her cradle her bough Ohh, in her nature I strove To welcome the touch like waves upon To move as such like waves upon To kneel as much like waves upon the shore Ohh, the farthest shore The Moon hanging low Change in the tide No secrets to know But stars in the sky And humble My heart And the sun it will rise And we’ll bathe in the light And we’ll breathe in the light The sacred light What I sailed for, a kingdom of light came down


These songs are a mix of love songs, along with songs that are like love songs, but to the deepest parts of you, the spirit and beyond. The songs are not religious. The aim is that in singing or even listening there is a yearning or reaching out to something beyond what you can possibly comprehend.


released December 2, 2019

All songs written by Nathan Paulus

Recorded by Doug Malone @ Jamdek Studio
Mixed by Doug Malone and Nathan Paulus
Mastered by Mike Nolte @ Eureka Mastering
Art Work by Craig Thibadeau @ Craigthibadeaudesing

Nathan Paulus: Vocal, Guitar, Arrangments
Josh Miller: Bass, Vocal
John Herbst: Banjo, Ukulele, Vocal
Ethan Pikas: Pedal Steel, Banjo, Dobro
Matt Carroll: Drums
Sharon Hoyer: Vocal (Farthest Shore)
Katie Stimpson: Vocal (Come Find Me, In Praise, Farthest Shore)
Jess McIntosh: Violin, Vocal (7 nights, darling, little buds)
Joseph Dittman: Fender Rhodes (In Praise)


all rights reserved



Magical Beasts Chicago, Illinois

Chicago based.
Experimental Folk.

Making the music you didn't know you wanted to hear, but then you are like, "Damn, that's a good sound."

After you have listened a few times.

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