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Hypnotic Dirges

by Magical Beasts

Captain 05:03
Captain can you assure me my fate Captain these doubts that do seem to plague me Will you promise me ground Captain don’t be too proud ‘To fathom the land you are sure to loose course Wreck on the reef and float without oars Where love awaits we are bound Awaken thy heart to be found’ But captain I’ve known love and carried a flame Captain in passion weve spoken their name What is this course that you chart Capatian I ask without blame ‘There’s wind that will carry, which you don’t seem to see It’s a force that does pull and give answer to me Though you may see sails slack In its subtle support you may lean’ Captain I’ve laid myself bare I pray you my trust and my care We sail to the end The time it will come when you alone with this ship Aren’t sure of the current or course may it slip There is no promise for ground Captain don’t be too proud I can promise you storms you must find a way through Struggle and toil but also renew For where love awaits we are bound Awaken thy heart to be found Captain I’ve laid myself bare…
In the night sky, lost in the stars above, I saw my heart, and the one that I love I stood upon a field There was a stream Across the way my true love stood Separate from me Dressed in white Her feet were bare A shimmering veil And long black hair I called across For her to come I said my house is grand You’ll be in want of none She came toward me, she came toward me Walked down into into the stream And there She said you come to me Naked I went Down to her Shocked by the cold, flowing water Let go into her arms To her mouth I was drawn From there we plunged As she carried me On down Deeper we went, and I without breath Saw from above Like a start in the night Bursting with light And it burned in me, it burned in me I saw myself, The man that I was His pride and his wealth His pity, and what he called his love My love she then whispered You must change who you are If you wish for me to come You must shine like a star I came up with a gasp Like a drowning man To see a new path, Though with each step that I took It moved just beyond my grasp And it burns in me It burns in me The light I felt The star I see That shines through the night Bursting in light
Can I call light to me Cannibal’s eyes on me now Chemicals writhe in me Tetherball flies at me now And we swing around This Cannibal eye In this tetherball flight While the chemicals writhe And I call down the light Easy now Have I got flies on me Ten thousand eyes on me now Buzzards that fly to me Sandgrains that cried for me now They lie with the liars The placid past fires right now Butterfly’s migrating Waterfall sprites mating now And they clown around on Pacified fires On wound up tight wires On tetherball fliers And cannibal ires I’ve got triers to tire for me Pliers to ply for me now I’ve got sides that will fight for me Martyrs might die for me now Can I call light to me This habit that bites at me now We call it down from Ten thousand eyes We bend to the light we can bend to the light we can bend to the light Easy now
Prison 03:04
I built a prison. Then I built another Prison. And inside one prison, there were many more prisons. And inside my prism I found a man who was good with locks one who had once been a sailor and knew lots and lots about knots, another one, the thinker, with good plans and sound thoughts, another, the believer, who had trust that we would neither be hindered nor caught, and me, the organizer and architect foreman trying for the freedom that I sought So a plan was wrought. We all agreed on our lot, That the digging must stop. For the freedom we sought was not inside this particular prison. Nor the prison inside the prison in which we were kept and where we were caught. So a tunnel was planned, but neither down nor across, but a funnel to the sky. The thinker was lost. He said the physics were off, he said the physics are off. Except for the sailor who said it’s not in physics, but in nautical knots. While the believer was rapt in evangelical raspings of seeds and of crops. My salvation, my damnation, how had I cast my lot with this lot. With this lot, that I am but I’m not, who I am but I’m not. But if these are the friends that I’ve got, then their lot is my lot, and what I’ve got, they’ve got - the prisons, their tolls, and their cost. But I could trick them, spinning and babbling web of mystery and rapture and laws.I found the believer was easily bought with promises of future payoffs including virgins inside the eternity he sought And the thinker was easily cought, in complex equations he would solve or would not. Endlessless Endlessness impossible puzzles of thought. And the sailor, well the sailor was lost. Tied up in his knots and storms of his making or pitted up and tangling with the sea doing nautical knots. So I got up and I walked. Opened the lock. Got out and I walked. Away from the lot, another prison with new tradesman, brilliant paradigms faith mysteries and great thoughts. And I walked, and unlocked my lot, that I am but I’m not, and unlocked, who I am but I’m not. And unlocked and unlocked and unlocked.
Sophia 04:10
Sophia, disaster, I’ve gone and broken my hand They said at least some weeks before I work again Sophia, I know I’m a fool, but I lost some money while I was out last night and I was drinking Sophia, I don’t know what to do, but we’ve got nothing left for rent and I’m in a panic Sophia, there’s something you could do, but I’m ashamed to ask Sophia, if just for a few nights you could lay on your back Sophia, I know I’m a fool, but I can’t see another way, that money’s spent, and we’ve nothing left Sophia, my love, I don’t know what to do, please take my hand cause I’m in a panic Sophia, what’s that swell all around you, tell me, who is the man? I won’t feed some child’s mouth that’s been made in sin Sophia, my love, I’m sorry for your suffering, but I’ll not have some bastard running around, I’ll not be shamed again Sophia, my love, don’t turn away, please take my hand – and pour a drink - one for you, and another for your husband Sophia, where are you, I can’t feel my hand Sophia, I know it’s morning, but I can’t see light coming in Sophia, don’t leave, I know I’m a fool, but I can’t see, tell me where’s my hand Sophia, don’t leave, I don’t know what to do, I can’t see and I’m in a panic
Grew up in a hunting family - Shot my first gun when I was 8 years old By the time I was 18 I thought that violence was beneath me But I still went out with my dad, cause I like to walk with a gun through the woods in the cold Feeling of those trees and the crisp air’s a memory - I carry inside my bones I stabbed my best friend in the back for a girl – I was 23 years old I’ve spun words that were a trap for you to walk through – where at the other end you thought you’d find some gold I thought at the time I could make my own map, but now I do as im told And I carry it, each memory to learn from, it’s a weight I can hold If when I see the way you act and the suffering it brings upon you But it’s not my place to say a word or to offer any hand to help If you were to come around to ask me for a way to improve I’d say I’d see that exact same thing inside myself That I listen deep my heart to lead and guide what I have felt What I’m searching for I’ve not found yet But I know my greatest efforts won’t go to waste For all the dreams to which I’m bound, mistakes I’ve not made yet I pray the discipline to learn my way Let me find some form of obedience, wisdom and grace All good deeds inside of me are wasted unless they burn away
Month of May 05:12
I wanted you to know how I felt about our time spent together Graceful But I was too shy, and never spoke For fear that speech might poke a hole In our sails Now we float Uncharted I don’t know how this silence keeps in you, in our barter But I feel light and not divided I can’t put into words This Divine Wind carry me…. My love… Wind carry me…


released February 11, 2021

All Songs written by Nathan Paulus

Nathan Paulus - Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Smith - Bass, Synth, Guitar, Vocals
Hunter Diamond - Clarinet, Flute
John Herbst - Vocals, Jaw Harp
Josh Miller - Bass Vocals
Nate Friedman - Drums

Recorded and Mixed at Jamdek Studio by Doug Malone
Mastered by Jonathan Schenke

Artwork design and booklet by John Herbst


all rights reserved



Magical Beasts Chicago, Illinois

Chicago based.
Experimental Folk.

Making the music you didn't know you wanted to hear, but then you are like, "Damn, that's a good sound."

After you have listened a few times.

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